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BBV Legal is a leading law firm in the Dutch Caribbean, with its main office in Curaçao. It provides legal services to local as well as international corporate entities, governments, private clients and non-profit institutions. Its attorneys advise and litigate in matters within all areas of civil and administrative law, and are known for their expertise and personal approach in handling cases.

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27 Mar
The measures aimed against the further spread of the current coronavirus (COVID-19) have far-reaching consequences. For society and for the economy. Many have questions about the consequences of these measures and how they can best deal with them. This also applies to our clients in...
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26 Dec
With the ever-growing amount of legislation and regulation, businesses face increasing legal, financial, compliance and governance-related risks. Even to the degree of personal liability of its officers and corporate bodies. Managers, supervisory directors, and shareholders are increasingly being held liable for their own conduct as...
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25 Dec
Under Dutch Caribbean law, both existing and future receivables can be pledged either by a disclosed right of pledge (which requires notifying the debtor of the pledged claim); or an undisclosed right of pledge. Due to a statutory limitation, an undisclosed right of pledge on...
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