Curaçao enjoys a long tradition of trademark protection. Curaçao’s first trademark application is dated January 20, 1893. This festive fact, of 125 years of trademark history, is also celebrated in the 3/2018 (June) magazine issue of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

The article (link here) details the reasons that make Curaçao such a sought-after territory for doing business and registering trademarks. Among them are its trademark law being in line with international trademark practices, its robust financial services sector, and its well-educated, highly skilled and multilingual workforce.

Recently, Curaçao implemented several changes in its tax system including changes as they relate to intellectual property, such as the introduction of a so-called innovation box regime, adding to the attractiveness of Curaçao as a key location for establishing, structuring and doing business in the region, the rest of the Caribbean and the Americas.