Doing business means taking risks. However, risk-taking may lead to liability. BBV Legal deals with corporate liability, such as product liability, industrial accidents, soil contamination and environmental pollution. BBV Legal also deals with issues of professional liability among independent professionals and functional liability of directors and officers, and also of supervisory directors and supervisors. We represent our clients in these matters. To prevent litigation, we also advise our clients on how to avoid liability issues.

Given that doing business means taking risks, it is not viable to engage in national and international trade or in general run a business without appropriate insurance. BBV Legal has expertise in every area of insurance, including non-life insurance, liability insurance for transport and logistics companies, business liability insurance and other types of business insurance. We advise and litigate on all aspects of disputes relating to coverage and the interpretation of the policy, as well as amending or renewing policy conditions. Our clients include insurers, re-insurers and insurance brokers, as well as national and international companies.