Employment Contracts: Distinction Between Interpretation and Qualification

Last month the Supreme Court ruled on the legal matter […]

New Aruban Law on Legal Entities

In Aruba, the law on legal entities is spread over […]

Conduct of Majority Shareholder Relevant for Determining Price in Squeeze-out Procedure

Dutch Caribbean law provides for a so-called squeeze-out procedure. Meaning, […]

Transfer of Credit Claims and the Bank’s Duty of Care

Earlier this month the Supreme Court provided answers to two […]

Is it Possible to Pledge an Insurance Portfolio under Dutch Caribbean Law

In a recent judgement the Supreme Court ruled on the […]

Legal Implications of the Corona (COVID-19) Crisis

Our previous newsletter addressed various legal implications of the corona […]

Personal Data Transfer Mechanisms under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

On July 16, 2020 the European Court of Justice (ECJ) […]

Taymir Burnet is Still on Track !

Also, in 2020 BBV Legal is proud supporter of Curaçao […]

Almost 10 years !

Legal Implications of the Coronavirus Crisis Situation

The measures aimed against the further spread of the current […]

BBV Corporate Advisory

With the ever-growing amount of legislation and regulation, businesses face […]

Right of Pledge on Receivables

Under Dutch Caribbean law, both existing and future receivables can […]

Escrow Arrangements in M&A Transactions

In M&A transactions, parties often agree to deposit a part […]

Appearance of Power of Representation

A representative can legally bind the principal unless the representative […]

Annulment Based on Fraud, Despite Due Diligence

Prior to a transaction, a potential buyer nearly always engages […]

Scope of Investigation in Inquiry Proceedings under Curaçao Law

Pursuant to the Curaçao Corporate Code the Enterprise Chamber of […]

Increasing Litigation Against Banks for Terminating Client Relationships and Closing Down Accounts

Whether a bank may validly close an account of a […]

Interpretation of an Abstract Bank Guarantee

In the Dutch Caribbean, bank guarantees are common financing arrangements […]

Moment When an Administrative Body is Liable for an Unlawful Decision

A decision annulled by the administrative court is, according to […]

Office News: BBV Legal is Trusted Partner of Cyberbloc

Non-compliance with continually growing data protection requirements, cyber-attacks, and security […]

Liability of an (Aruban) Accountancy Firm towards Third Parties

In a recent Aruban case before the Supreme Court the […]

The Application Initiating Legal Proceedings May Qualify as a Notice of Default

Generally speaking, for a party to be in default under […]

Deferment of Payment and Prescription of a Tax Assessment

In an Aruban case the Supreme Court recently ruled that […]

IP Law: A Pear is Not an Apple

Key aspects in trademark law are the element of similarity […]

Transfer of An Undertaking: Protection of Employment

A transfer of an undertaking occurs when a business or […]

Taymir is The Man to Watch !

BBV Legal is proud supporter of Curaçao sprinter Taymir Burnet, […]

Office News: Twente Embassy appoints Jeroen de Baar as its ambassador in Curaçao

Twente Embassy is a bridge between Twente, the biggest city […]

Office News: BBV Legal is proud supporter of Curaçao sprinter Taymir Burnet

BBV Legal is proud supporter of Curaçao sprinter Taymir Burnet, […]

Pre-contractual Information Obligation for the Franchisor; No General Obligation to Provide a Turnover Forecast

There is no general rule, under Dutch Caribbean law, that […]

Derived Damage under Dutch Caribbean Law

It has been established, under Dutch Caribbean case law, that […]

The Termination of Continuing Performance Agreements

Earlier this year, the Supreme Court gave an important ruling […]

Investigation Authority of the Court of Audit of Curaçao

In a recent case the Supreme Court had to rule […]

Inquiry Proceedings, continued: the Supreme Court on Transitional Law

In our previous Newsletters of December 15, 2016 and July […]

Employment Law and (the aftermath of) Hurricane Irma in St. Maarten

In September 2017 Hurricane Irma hit most parts of the […]

Data Protection Regulation in Curaçao

The personal data landscape in the Dutch Caribbean has changed […]

Modification or Termination of Contracts due to Changed Circumstances

As a basic principle contracts must be fulfilled, without exception. […]

Curaçao Celebrates 125 Years of Trademark History

Curaçao enjoys a long tradition of trademark protection. Curaçao’s first […]

Anticipatory Breach under Dutch Caribbean Law

Depending on the specifics of the contract, a breach can […]

BBV Legal present at the finals of the Present Your Startup Caribbean 2018 competition

BBV Legal is present during the finals of the Present […]

BBV Legal sponsor of the Ronald McDonald Charity Golf Classic

BBV Legal is proud sponsor of the annual Ronald McDonald […]

BBV Legal present at INTA’s upcoming Annual Meeting

INTA’s Annual Meeting will take place in Seattle, USA from […]

Unjustified Suspension of Obligations

Under Dutch Caribbean law, a debtor has a right to […]

Commercial Agency Contracts under Dutch Caribbean Law

Under Dutch Caribbean law a commercial agency contract is defined […]

Regular Dismissal of an Employee

One of the ways in which an employment contract may […]

Curaçao establishes Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Taskforce

The Government of Curaçao and the Curaçao international financial sector, […]

M&A News – 3rd quarter 2017

BBV Legal has assisted with the transaction between Advanced Global […]

The Entire Agreement Clause

Commercial contracts often contain an entire agreement clause. An entire […]

Monitoring E-mails and Internet Usage of the Employee

In respect of certain legal standards applicable in the Dutch […]

Spousal Permission Needed for Personal Guarantee

In M&A transactions it happens often that a party, such […]

Fair Trade Authority Curaçao

On September 1, 2017 the Curaçao Competition Ordinance came into […]

BBV Legal sponsor of the Ronald McDonald Charity Golf Classic

BBV Legal is proud sponsor of the annual Ronald McDonald […]

Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange, Rising Interest from Asia

The Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange (DCSX) is a securities exchange […]

Redressing Unauthorized Representation, Make Sure You’re Doing It Right

The Dutch Caribbean Civil Code contains provisions relating to a […]

Liability for Second-degree Directors

In our previous Newsletter, of April 7, 2017 it was […]

Inquiry Proceedings, the Next Step

In our Newsletter of December 15, 2016, we discussed the […]

BBV Legal Golf Team finishes in Top-10 of MCB Curaçao Masters

Team BBV Legal, which included on this occasion Scottish golf […]

BBV Legal sponsor and participant of the Curaçao Masters 2017

BBV Legal is a sponsor and participant of the Curaçao […]

BBV Legal present at INTA’s upcoming Annual Meeting

INTA’s Annual Meeting will take place in Barcelona from May […]

Plurality of Creditors required for Bankruptcy

Under Dutch Caribbean law, bankruptcy can be applied for either […]

Liability of Directors

If a managing director acts in a manner that may […]

Bank Guarantee in case of Bankruptcy of the Lessee

Recently the Supreme Court has made an important judgment relating […]

Curaçao Chamber of Commerce and Industry now has Power to Dissolve Legal Entities

Curaçao has taken another legislative initiative (see also our previous […]

Prepackaged Bankruptcy

A prepackaged bankruptcy is a bankruptcy case that begins with […]

Office News: De Baar new Managing Partner

BBV Legal has appointed Jeroen de Baar as new Managing Partner […]

Office News: Van Bemmelen awarded chess FIDE Master title

BBV Legal is proud to announce that Ursus van Bemmelen […]

M&A News – 4th quarter 2016

Liberty Global has acquired Cable & Wireless Communications. This has […]

Corporate Governance and Inquiry Proceedings

Corporate governance is the system of rules and practices by […]

Bankruptcy trustee may be personally liable if claims secured by an undisclosed right of pledge are collected against the will of the pledge holder

The Supreme Court has ruled in a recent case, that […]

Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange Growing

The Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange (DCSX) is a securities exchange […]

Duty of Care of Banks Towards Third Parties

Under Dutch Caribbean law a bank, due to its function […]

Fair Trade Authority

The government of Curaçao is committed to further developing its […]