Non-compliance with continually growing data protection requirements, cyber-attacks, and security (hacking) incidents can paralyze an organization, resulting in significant financial losses, regulatory fines, and reputational damage. This is demonstrated by numerous examples, as highlighted in the news (e.g. Facebook, Yahoo, eBay, Equifax). However, an increasing number of medium and small businesses are confronted with cyber and privacy liability threats.

Cyberbloc helps companies to manage and mitigate today’s cyber and privacy liability threats. The team including the trusted partners of Cyberbloc consists of some of the world’s most respected IT, legal and insurance experts who can identify and assess cyber and privacy liability risks, and subsequently implement appropriate risk treatment solutions specifically tailored to the organization in question.

We are very proud to join the Cyberbloc family, assisting clients in minimizing their business’s cyber risk exposure and data breach consequences.